Using the power of the sun to heat up shouldn’t be a new thing for any of us. It’s easy to see how it works just by sitting out in the sun for a little while and feel its heat, but how can you make use of this to save money when it comes to your home? Well, the problem with using the sun for heat is that you need some way to store that heat. A method for doing this that has been perfected over the decades is called a Trombe wall.

A Trombe wall has a large thermal mass, meaning that it will keep its heat long after the sun has stopped beating on it. The absorption of heat is usually intensified by painting the outside of the wall a dark color covered by glazing to allow it to retain the heat better.

During the colder hours of the day, the heat will then radiate into your home. This is a cheap method for normalizing the temperature inside without having to spend money.