Do you love birds? Maybe you feed them and enjoy watching them from your window. While birdwatching can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your time, birds can cause a lot of issues for a homeowner. Before you start putting out those birdfeeders, consider these facts.

Bird droppings can cause a lot of damage. They are acidic and can eat away at your home and driveway. They can also spread disease, so if you have a lot of birds around your home, you might want to try to limit the opportunities they have to use your home as a bathroom. If they find somewhere to perch that is located over your driveway, you will soon start seeing the droppings piling up.

Birds can also make it difficult for you to plant new grass. Grass seed is delicious for a bird, and simply spreading it on your lawn is just going to create a huge buffet for the birds. To avoid this, you can put hay or burlap over the area you have sown to prevent access.