No one likes waste, but sometimes when we think there is an abundance of a resource, we might not be as careful as we should with it. Take water for example. All around us, we see water, and it literally falls down from the sky at regular intervals. Freshwater that is usable for human consumption is a very limited amount of all the water we find on earth, however. Considering that the average person uses almost 100 gallons each day here in the US might give you pause.

If you want to do something about the situation, there are several ways you can lower your water consumption. The biggest thing to do is to upgrade old appliances and fixtures that waste a lot of water.

The difference between an old toilet that uses 5 times more water than a modern toilet is huge, especially considering how it is being used several times each day.

Aerators on your faucets will also help lower water usage while they still are just as effective.

If you want to take it a step further, it helps to be aware of times when you might be wasting water, such as letting it run in the shower while soaping up or doing dishes under running water. Being aware of how you use water can make a big difference.