When the market is “hot”, many people do whatever they can to get into a home. There may be 5 or more people bidding on the same house as you – and this can be very stressful. It is even more stressful if you are under pressure to get into a home. For instance, if your current home is under contract, your current lease is up, or you are starting a job in the area and there are no rentals available. All of this can add the pressure on when buying a home.

Buyers tend to do whatever they can to make their offer look better to the seller to make them choose theirs. One of the things we see some buyers do is waive the home inspection though – which is a really scary thought. What is the issue with that? According to most statistics, more homes than not have issues that are found during the home inspection. So imagine paying extra for your home, waiving your inspection, finding these issues later on, and having to fix them. It makes that house extra expensive.

So whatever you do – do not skip the home inspeciton. It is one of your most important protections during the buying process.