One thing that can make any homeowner nervous is the suspicion of mold growth. Mold remediation can be a long and painful process, so when you see something that might be mold growing in your home, you naturally want to know for certain. To get a sample examined, however, you don’t necessarily need to pay anyone to take a sample for you. Instead, you can obtain a sample with some very simple tools that most have in their home already – a strip of scotch tape and a  ziplock bag.

This method of taking a sample is non-intrusive, and it will not damage the surface where you take the sample as long as you are careful.

Push the strip of scotch tape firmly against the surface where you suspect mold is growing, and then tape it to the inside of the plastic bag. When you ship the bag to a lab, they will be able to tell you not only if the sample is indeed mold, but also what type of mold it is and how severe the infestation is.