So you may need to replace the shingles on your roof due to weather conditions that have taken a toll on your roof over time, so you may need some help on fixing it. In this article we will discuss some tips that you can apply and strategies for successfully completing your roof and getting your house back into a beautiful haven for you and your family.

The first thing that you need to do is obviously strip off all the old shingles. When you take off each shingle, make sure that you take the nails out as well, that way, if you take all the shingles first, you don’t have to worry about tripping or missing a nail that you didn’t see. The second thing you will want to do is to strip off the old paper underneath the shingles, and then that way in case there are wet spots in the paper, you won’t have to worry about it leaking through even after you put new shingles on.

The third thing to do is to paper it with new rolls of ice guard and paper. When you’re done rolling, you can start shingling. Instead of laying down entire rows of shingles, just lay two, and then one on top, then two more at the bottom, then two more the second row, you save yourself from having to constantly get up and get down to move the shingles properly.

Keeping these things in mind will help you to have a safe and dry environment in your home, as well as keeping your family health.