It’s good to be conscious of the proper functioning of the kitchen in your home, so that as a homeowner you can have in mind some common issues that we as home inspectors face in this area of the house.  The kitchen is a very important part of the home, and because water is used in this part of the house it’s a common problem area along with the bathrooms.

One good place to start while considering the condition of the kitchen is the sink.  We would want to run the water and check the water pressure, is it consistent with the rest of the house?  Also, is the water in good condition, and safe to drink?  While running the water it’s also a good time to check the drainage, and also the garbage disposal to see if it is in good, working order.

Another area of concern for many houses is the dishwasher.  If it wasn’t installed properly in a new house this could lead to big problems and quick.  In older houses, it’s important for us to check if the there are leaks in the lines or the seals by looking at areas under the sink and the walls of the cupboards around it.  If these leaks are present there is most likely mold or rotting occurring in the sub-floor or around the area of the dishwasher.

These are just two functions of the kitchen but can be very common problems in this part of the house. If you need an inspection, please contact us and we will be happy to help!