Having a water source that is reliable and safe to drink is a normal requirement for all mankind, and one most of us take for granted.  But do we even think of the source of our own water?  How safe is it? These are important questions to ask. 

Where does our own water come from? 

Densely populated areas such as cities and towns usually have theirs supplied by a reservoir or aquifer, which could be situated many miles away.  This is known as a surface water source.

In more rural areas, however, it could be supplied by a well or natural underground spring.  In either case, the main consideration is that the water is safe i.e. what is the land around the source used for? Is it farmland or industry?  This surrounding area is referred to as the water shed.

To get information specific to your area, since 1999, water suppliers are required to make available an annual report for its customers to view.  The contents of this report contains all information applying to your local water source, including any contaminates found in it.  For more information on this, you should contact your local water supplier.