Depending on whether you have an aluminum style roof or copper style roof, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of each, so that you can continue to have a safe, and dry roof area.For example, an aluminum roof has a long lifespan and is corrosion resistant on its own, simply meaning that it will not corrode unless it’s in contact with other metal-based materials and water at the same time, so it’s great for coastal and high corrosion areas.

Also, aluminum can be shaped into many different styles, due to it being ductile. Seemingly impossible enough, it actually adds strength to the aluminum roof when folds and ridges and created from heavy forming. However, it does cost more to manufacture than steel does, and is less resistant to hail than steel is.On the other hand, we have copper roofing, and like aluminum has a very long lasting lifespan, is extremely durable, and fairly expensive. It is corrosion resistant, just like aluminum, however, it has the ability to easily corrode other metals if it did come into contact with them.

Usually, you will see copper roofing on commercial buildings and high-end homes as panels, flashing, or even shingles at times. But, after copper roofing is installed and is exposed to air for a period of time, it changes color from brown, eventually leading to a steady green.