The mouse…. one of the most sneaky and pesky rodents to be playing hide and seek in your house. How do you keep these pests at bay? Well here are just a few tips you can do in order to combat these rodents.

First, you want to make sure, of course, no food gets left out. ANY kind of food will attract mice, especially anything sweet smelling, like sugar. Even leaving garbage in your trash can could get any curious mouse in plain sight, which is definitely the last thing you want. Also, if you do see mice scurrying around your home, make sure you scrub the place down with disinfectant spray because there is the small chance that those mice do carry diseases.

Also, a simple yet very effective solution is to get mouse traps. There are many types that you can get, both that will instantly kill mice and some that will keep the mouse alive inside until you can toss them outside. It may take some patience, but eventually, it’s almost a guaranteed success that these types of traps will work.

Keeping in mind these simple ideas, and creating a plan of your own will help to keep the mice at bay in your home, and you will continue to enjoy a mouse free environment.