If you have a pool and young children as well, what is a danger that can fall upon these young ones? Drowning. What can you do to prevent this from happening? Well, in this article we will talk a little bit about a specific device to detect surface waves in your pool, whether it be little children unsupervised or the family pet.

Basically the device is called a pool alarm. There is one contact that sits on top of the water, and one below it. When both contacts detect surface waves in your pool, the alarm goes off. The nice thing about it is that you can also decrease or increase the sensitivity of the alarm. With this in mind, you can more accurately tell who or what is swimming in your pool, unsupervised or not. However, a drawback to the alarm is that you may forget to turn it on, so you may not hear what is going on in your pool until it’s too late.

It should be noted that this device should not be used as a stand alone protection for your children or pets who go into your pool unsupervised. Using other strategies is not only a smart idea, but it will benefit your household in the long run, and keep everyone safe.