With fall already here and the leaves falling, comes more work to be done on our yards and more machines to be used. Our family, and our neighbors, maybe using motorized equipment in order to clean up the yard and with this comes more noise and disturbance inside the house.

If you have an office at home or need peace during the day this may be a problem. Although this could be an issue with our neighbors, our home, walls, and windows, could also be among the problems and maybe they’re not reducing outside noise as they should. If your house is built with a wooden frame, this could be one of the reasons you are getting a lot of outside noise. But you also may be asking, “can I do anything about the problem?”

There are some good guidelines to keep in mind while thinking about lessening outside disturbances. Think of your wall density, by adding a material that has more mass, you will reduce the noise. This can be done in many ways, a very drastic way would be to add materials like sand or lead, but you can also think about doubling or tripling the drywall. Also, if the excessive sound is coming from our property you can think about the machinery being used.

Some equipment can be much quieter than other equipment. For example, motorized leaf blowers that are new are seventy-five percent quieter than leaf blowers made ten years ago. Hopefully, these points can help some to add to the peace and quiet we all seek at home.