Drain chemicals are easily obtained in any hardware store or department store. While it might seem like a quick and easy way to fix your clogged pipes at home, you might want to think twice before pouring those chemicals down the drain. Why is that? There are 3 main reasons, and more than likely, at least one of them will be enough to convince you.

First, they are bad for your pipes. While there are many variants that are advertised as “Plumbing Safe” or something similar, for the chemicals to have an effect on the clogs, they will also have an effect on your pipes, and use can lead to leaking pipes and similar issues.

Second, drain chemicals are bad for your septic system. The bacteria that keeps your septic system working are sensitive, and introducing drain chemicals to the septic tank can put them out of commission.

Third, drain chemicals are bad for the environment. While you might think that things you flush down your drain are out of sight and out of mind, you should minimize your usage of dangerous chemicals as much as possible. Using a high quality plunger might just be all you need.